The An Lucht Lonrach Foundation Temple  (The A.L.L. Temple)


The Principles of "The A.L.L. Temple":


"The A.L.L. Temple" main principles are:

- Commune with and be inspired by the Seashore
- Seek the Truth
- Spread Love and Happiness 


"The A.L.L. Temple" is overseen by "The Seashore Chaplain" and  The A.L.L. Temple community.



"The A.L.L. Temple" Service


The following is a sample of what you would expect at one of our services.

You can join us in person or visually.

Welcome to the "The A.L.L. Temple" Service


Please be seated in the circle. (make yourself comfortable)

As you can see today our roof is a clear blue sky and bright sunlight.

Our floor is a warm golden sand.

Our walls are a light warm breeze.


Please lets take a few minutes of silence and meditate on being in such a lovely setting.


(Meditation begins, happens and ends)


You see beside me one of "The A.L.L. Temple" community has created a lovely artwork of our symbol "The Starfish" (made from coloured pebbles and shells).

Please let us thank the creator.

(Thanks are given to the Starfish creator)


Today's Service is about "LOVE" - loving yourself and others.

In front of you please draw an outline of a heart.

This represents your heart and the capacity to love.

In front of me is a collection of pebbles (of different sizes and colours) that I collected earlier.

Please choose pebbles and shells and fill in the outline of your heart.

The pebbles represent people of all different shapes, sizes and colours.

Let these people into your heart and love them all.


"The Seashore Chaplain" gives speech on the subject of LOVE.

The community then discusses the subject of LOVE amongst them.


Seashore community conservation and creative art projects for the month are then discussed.


Seashore poetry, stories and articles are read out.


Songs are sung.


Refreshments that have been donated are partaken.


"The Seashore Chaplain" ends the Service with thanks given.


The theme of each service is noted in "The Seashore Waves".




Should you wish to know more about or join "The A.L.L. Temple" then please contact "The Seashore Chaplain" through the feedback page.


Star Fish
Star Fish
The A.L.L. Temple has taken as its symbol the Starfish (Sea Star).

Starfish symbolises:

Devine love
Courage and happiness
Ability to heal yourself
Feel your way to the truth
Stong will and intelligence
Seeking greater wisdom
Realisation of your potential
Love the Seashore
Love the Seashore
Be a Seashore Creative
Be a Seashore Creative
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